A Conversation with Yale Professor and Nobel Prize Winner William Nordhaus

Sofia Caycedo, Emeritus Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Environment Review, recently sat down for a chat with Yale Professor and 2018 Nobel Prize winner Dr. William Nordhaus to discuss climate change, economic growth, and his beloved carbon price.

Sofia Caycedo
November 5, 2019
Developing crops for resistance: a path towards food security

Climate change has started to impact agriculture, and therefore our ability to maintain food production for the future. Food security is a complex issue that should be tackled from various fronts. As a recent article points out, developing and widening the production of crops that can resist environmental stressors can be an essential part of the solution.

Josefina Cobian
October 29, 2019
Back to the Future and Beyond with Climate Scientist Linda Sohl

A conversation with NASA paleoclimatologist Dr. Linda Sohl.

Blanca Begert
October 22, 2019
New development in the Galápagos nest-building market: Darwin’s finches surprise scientists

Darwin’s finches are the poster child for evolution. As the focal subject of numerous studies since the 19th century, we thought we knew everything about these birds—until now. A new study shows that the birds may be major players in a newly discovered form of seed dispersal via nests.

Elizabeth Tokarz
October 15, 2019