Climate change and refugees: How drought and war lead to more asylum seekers

Civil war in Syria. The Central American caravan. Legal restrictions on refugees in Europe and the U.S. Countries around the world are being confronted by questions of immigration and refugees—and new research says that in some cases, climate change might be to blame.

Nathan Empsall
July 18, 2019
Even if it is in our best interests, are we willing to move towards a plant-based diet?

A shift towards plant-based diets could bring health and environmental benefits to the world. However, strong beliefs and psychological attachments to meat complicate this shift. Are we really willing to eat less meat?

Josefina Cobian
July 16, 2019
Amanda Lynch and the Philosophy of Coexistence

Amanda Lynch is a mathematician, meteorologist, climate modeler, political scientist, philosopher, and the Director of the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society. Her career, which has spanned continents and disciplines, is reflected in her new book, co-authored with Dr. Siri Veland, called Urgency in the Anthropocene. It reimagines our global climate crisis not only as the sum of disasters, but also as a human philosophical crisis.

Jesse Bryant
July 11, 2019
Can wildlife and humans coexist in urban rivers?

Cities around the world are restoring once neglected and degraded rivers. With thoughtful, interdisciplinary planning, these revitalized rivers can benefit humans and wildlife alike.

Emma Gildesgame
July 9, 2019