The insidious impact of coal power plant pollution on kids’ performance in schools

Pollution from coal-fired power plants harms human health. Low-income neighborhoods are often the most exposed to coal impacts. New research highlights closing power plants can improve children’s health and performance in school. 

Mary Marshall
July 26, 2023
The top of the world is melting at an alarming rate

Mountain glaciers are melting rapidly worldwide. A recent study reveals that the world’s highest glacier, South Col on Mount Everest, is melting even faster than expected.   

Bisrantee Wagle
July 13, 2023
Advances in Ecophysiology: A Look at Recent Papers on Hydraulic Failure

How do trees die from drought? Plant ecophysiologists are studying air bubbles in tree water columns to understand hydraulic failure: in other words, when tree water columns stop working. Their goal is to improve forecasts for tree responses in a changing climate future. Here is a brief summary of how hydraulic failure works and an introduction to three recent papers on the topic.

Lauryn Sherman
June 7, 2023
Most materials are recyclable, so why can’t children’s toys be sustainable?

While many toys still offer benefits after normal wear and tear, 80 percent end up in landfills. Often controversial for the direct risks posed to humans, toys also pose a risk to the environment in their design, production, and life cycle.  

Dilara Karademir
May 8, 2023