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The Yale Environment Review brings environmental research to life by making it compelling, accessible, and relevant to a wide audience. Our work empowers people with a deeper understanding of peer-reviewed research and the most pressing issues facing our planet. 

The Yale Environment Review is a student-run publication that aims to increase access to the latest developments in environmental studies. We aim to shed light on cutting-edge environmental research through summaries, analysis, and interviews. We do this through three types of content:
  • Focus articles explore one recent peer-reviewed article and connect its findings to our everyday lives. 
  • Feature pieces build a story around a central theme using multiple recent peer-reviewed articles.
  • Spotlights profile the people behind the latest research in the environmental field.
The Yale Environment Review helps students sharpen their writing skills, familiarize themselves with science communication, and provides a platform to showcase their expertise.

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Cameron Ramey 

editor-in-chief, writer

Cameron (Cami) is a first-year Master of Environmental Management student at the Yale School of the Environment, specializing in Climate Change Science and Solutions. She is especially interested in climate change adaptation, community resilience and climate change communication. Cami is a recent graduate of the University of Florida and prior to joining YSE she supported sustainable development and conservation projects with a number of internationally-focused nonprofits. She spends her time admiring the New England seasons, eating vast amounts of baked goods and looking for the best reading spots.



Laura González Mantecón

communications and outreach manager, writer

Laura is a Fulbright Scholar and Master of Environmental Management candidate from Santander, Spain. She is interested in the intersection of conservation, rural development, outdoor access, and climate resilience. Before coming to YSE, Laura worked in outdoor, science and environmental education in India, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and the Canadian Rockies. Laura tries very hard to not think about backcountry skiing while writing for YER (or on any other occasion), but she only accomplishes it about half the time.


Nisreen Abo-Sido




Nisreen is a Master of Environmental Management candidate (2023) at the Yale School of the Environment, studying food systems and small farmer livelihoods. After graduating from Wellesley College in 2018, she embarked on an international, year-long, independent study as a Thomas Watson Fellow to explore how small farmers and ranchers navigate their resources and landscapes to develop innovative agroecological techniques. This, and other experiences living in and working with rural communities globally, inspired in her a commitment to bridging knowledge gaps--between formalized scientific research and traditional/experiential knowledge--and promoting inclusive and sustained partnerships that empower local people to lead problem-solving in their communities. Nisreen enjoys cooking and daydreaming about farming.


Sydney Axtell


Sydney is a first-year Master of Environmental Management student interested in climate change and the anthropogenic effects on near-shore marine ecosystems. She is fascinated by fisheries and coral ecosystems and she hopes to spend her career conducting marine ecology research to better inform public policy. Prior to Yale, she worked as a NOAA marine biologist on commercial fishing vessels in the Bering Sea/Aleutian Islands in Alaska. Sydney spends all her free time outdoors and particularly loves to hike, rock climb, run, scuba dive and any/all snow sports.


Marissa Grenon


Marissa is a second-year Master of Environmental Management student at the Yale School of the Environment and 3L at Northeastern University School of Law. She is particularly passionate about coastal and marine issues; her goal is to leverage science-based legal, policy, and management tools to protect and restore waterways, wetlands, and coastal systems critical for ecological resilience and environmental justice in a changing world. Marissa has previously worked on issues ranging from climate-resilient MPA design to mitigation of offshore wind impacts on marine wildlife. In her free time, she enjoys reading, kayaking, and spending time with her bunnies, Ambella and Sir Buttons of Hoppington.


Amalta Gupta


Amalta is pursuing a Master’s in Environment Science at the Yale School of the Environment. She specifically wants to focus her research on the intersection of renewable energy, economics and society. Prior to YSE, she spent the last year surveying primary data to understand access to agricultural credit in rural India. Amalta is a great admirer of the sun (for reasons beyond solar energy) and is still getting used to the cold weather on this side of the world.


Seung Min Kim


Seung Min is a first-year Master of Environmental Sciences student at Yale School of the Environment, focusing on climate change economics and environmental economics. He is particularly interested in climate change impact in agriculture, and the use of econometrics to analyze the influence of extreme weather events. Prior to entering YSE, Seung Min studied agricultural and resource economics at Seoul National University, with a minor in Earth & environmental sciences. Seung Min is a retired Army Sergeant, having served 20 months in the Republic of Korea Army as a French/English Interpreter. In his free time, Seung Min likes to write essays and watch nature documentaries, with a specific preference for those featuring penguins and whales.



Tara Litjens




Tara is a second-year Master of Environmental Management candidate from the Netherlands and China. Her career passion is transitioning consumer goods supply chains and manufacturing processes to become more circular and sustainable - in terms of minimizing environmental and social impacts - and leveraging companies' influence in the industry as a force for good, and thus she's specializing in Industrial Ecology & Green Chemistry and Business. Before YSE, Tara graduated from Yale College, where she played D1 field hockey for four years and majored in Environmental Science, all while frolicking about New Haven on an electric blue Razor scooter. She's lived on three continents (New Haven is the place she's lived the longest!) and loves traveling and new experiences. Tara's life passion is singing the "Hamilton" soundtrack off-key and on shuffle and ideally scuba diving every day -- but not both at the same time.


Mara MacDonell



Mara is a first year Masters of Environmental Science student interested in rural communities, transitioning economies, and environmental justice in the American West. From her experiences growing up in rural, remote northern Minnesota and working in social services policy and programming on the Western Slope of Colorado, she is passionate about effective science communication to help better facilitate community well-being. Mara holds a BA in geology from Carleton College. In her free time, Mara enjoys backcountry skiing, running rivers, rock climbing, and painting.


Miriam Remshard


Miriam is a first-year Master of Environmental Science student. Before coming to Yale, she completed her Bachelor's degree in Experimental Psychology at the University of Oxford in the UK. After becoming increasingly concerned about climate change throughout the course of her undergraduate degree, she decided to apply her background in psychology to the issue of global warming. As such, her studies and research at Yale focus on climate change communication and on promoting more pro-environmental attitudes and behavior. Outside of her studies, Miriam can usually be found singing, hiking, or baking cake.


Kieren Rudge


Kieren is a second-year Master of Environmental Science candidate at the Yale School of the Environment. Their research focuses on participatory climate adaptation planning, critical race theory, energy justice, and media narratives around climate change. Prior to coming to Yale, Kieren worked on environmental justice policy advocacy with multiple nonprofits and spent time as an environmental educator in New York City. Kieren is an avid hiker and tries to spend as much time outdoors as possible, even though they are strongly averse to New England winters.


Neha Singh




Neha is a second year Master of Business Administration student at the Yale School of Management (SOM). Interested in corporate sustainability and the intersection of women and climate change, she believes corporations have a responsibility for tackling societal challenges, such as climate change and gender parity. At Yale, she is a leader for the SOM Business & the Environment Club and a Greenlight Workshop Leader via Yale Center for Business & The Environment. Prior to Yale, Neha worked in consulting, public education, and the nonprofit space. She also led sustainability initiatives at Girl Scouts of the USA. She spends her free time dreaming about fall foliage back home in Vermont, reminiscing about living in the Himalayas (she lived there for a month and fell in love with Nepal), and yoga.


Zack Steigerwald-Schnall


Zack is a first-year Master of Environmental Management student at the Yale School of the Environment, specializing in Environmental Policy Analysis and Climate Change Science and Solutions. He is interested in the structural mechanisms by which inequality is legitimized, as well as policy mechanisms to redress environmental and species injustice. Prior to YSE, Zack worked on numerous projects in the Greater Boston area strengthening youth voices through critical thinking and civic action. He spends his free time making music and ice cream.