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The Yale Environment Review brings environmental research to life by making it compelling, accessible, and relevant to a wide audience. Our work empowers people with a deeper understanding of peer-reviewed research and the most pressing issues facing our planet. 

The Yale Environment Review is a student-run publication that aims to increase access to the latest developments in environmental studies. We aim to shed light on cutting-edge environmental research through summaries, analysis, and interviews. We do this through three types of content:
  • Focus articles explore one recent peer-reviewed article and connect its findings to our everyday lives. 
  • Feature pieces build a story around a central theme using multiple recent peer-reviewed articles.
  • Spotlights profile the people behind the latest research in the environmental field.
The Yale Environment Review helps students sharpen their writing skills, familiarize themselves with science communication, and provides a platform to showcase their expertise.

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Forest Abbott-Lum 


Forest is a Master of Environmental Management candidate specializing in industrial ecology. She’s worked in New York City at the NYC Compost Project, and in Beijing at the Natural Resources Defense Council, Shangrila Farms, and Beijing Energy Network. Born and raised in Kailua Hawaii, she completed her undergrad at Bennington College in Mandarin Chinese and environmental studies. Her work at Yale is focused on food systems and the circular economy: food systems, food waste, and food justice all fascinate her. She’s professionally fluent in Mandarin, a proficient skidsteer and tractor operator, and a novice poet and rock climber.

Having long been a trash nerd, Forest is excited to deep dive into food waste and circular economy research while at YER. Her writing will focus on how food waste reduction can contribute to the fight against climate change.

Ashia Ajani

writer, editor