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The Yale Environment Review brings environmental research to life by making it compelling, accessible, and relevant to a wide audience. Our work empowers people with a deeper understanding of peer-reviewed research and the most pressing issues facing our planet. 

The Yale Environment Review is a student-run publication that aims to increase access to the latest developments in environmental studies. We aim to shed light on cutting-edge environmental research through summaries, analysis, and interviews. We do this through three types of content:
  • Focus articles explore one recent peer-reviewed article and connect its findings to our everyday lives. 
  • Feature pieces build a story around a central theme using multiple recent peer-reviewed articles.
  • Spotlights profile the people behind the latest research in the environmental field.
The Yale Environment Review helps students sharpen their writing skills, familiarize themselves with science communication, and provides a platform to showcase their expertise.

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Emma Johnson


Emma Johnson is Master’s of Environmental Management ’20 student from Washington, D.C. Her areas of study include environmental communication, climate change, and ecosystem science. Emma has worked as an editorial intern for National Wildlife Magazine and was a 2019 Reporting Fellow with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting, travelling to Bhutan to report on hydropower in a changing climate. Before coming to Yale, Emma lived in Bhutan for a year helping facilitate a study abroad experience for undergraduates and studying youth perceptions of climate change and the environment. She received her B.S. in Environmental Studies from Davidson College in North Carolina.

Kate Donatelli

Communications and Outreach Manager, Writer, Editor

Kate Donatelli is a second-year Master of Environmental Management student from New Jersey. While at Yale, plans to study environmental policy with a focus on land use and climate adaptation strategies. Before graduate school, she worked at The Trust for Public Land and for an environmental legal services organization in Pittsburgh. She earned her bachelor’s degree in environmental studies from the University of Pittsburgh.

Margot Cumming

Assistant Editor-in-Chief, Writer, Editor

Margot Cumming is a first year Masters of Environmental Management student specializing in water resource science and management. Margot is interested to study the policy development and implementation related to restoration in freshwater systems. Margot attended the University of Wisconsin - Madison for her undergrad and studied conservation biology and life sciences communications. This path has inspired her to continue working to bridge the gap between scientists and the general public.

Joyita Ghose

Assistant Communications and Outreach Manager, Writer

Joyita is a Master’s of Environmental Management ’21 candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Management. She is interested in socio-ecological perspectives on community-based natural resource management, forest conservation, and equitable benefit-sharing in the mining sector. Prior to joining Yale, Joyita was a researcher at The Energy and Resources Institute in New Delhi and she continues to be associated with the organization. She has also worked with other research institutes in India including PRS Legislative Research, on issues relating to land management and social justice. She is excited to join YER to share recent developments in academic research with a wider community of practice.

Humna Sharif

Writer, Editor

Humna is a first year MEM student, concentrating in Water Resource Science and Management. She studied Environmental Sciences at the University of Virginia and graduated in 2018. Before coming to FES, she worked at the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation in Washington DC for a year. She is interested in exploring the interconnectedness of freshwater systems with land and ecosystems management practices, and how we can address issues of water quantity/quality through policy changes.

Abigail Chan


Abigail Chan is a second-year Master of Environmental Management candidate at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, specializing in Ecosystems, Land Conservation, and Management. She is particularly interested in investigating and transforming traditional frameworks of land conservation to include innovative strategies for resilience, community engagement, and diversity & equity opportunities. Prior to Yale, Abigail attended the University of Virginia, where she received her B.S. in Environmental Sciences and a B.A. in Environmental Thought & Practice.

Courtney Anderson


Courtney is a Master of Environmental Science candidate studying large carnivore conservation in the Bolivian Amazon. She has a background in ecological research and environmental education, with experience working in the US, Equatorial Guinea, and Costa Rica. She is passionate about evidence-based conservation, learning about the natural world, and dogs. She has two very, very good dogs.

Elizabeth Bourguet


Liz Bourguet is a second year Master of Environmental Management candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. She is specializing in environmental policy analysis, with a focus on climate and energy policy. She is interested in the ability of sub-national actors like cities and states to address climate change and worked this summer at the US Climate Alliance. At FES, she is the leader of the Yale Environmental Women student interest group. Before coming to Yale, Liz worked as a consultant for National Wildlife Federation and Environmental Advocates of New York. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology from SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry.

Jeamme Chia


Jeamme is a first year Masters of Environmental Management Candidate (Class of 2021) at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (F&ES). She is interested in sustainable agriculture and land use policy especially in large agricultural commodity landscapes in tropical developing countries. Jeamme is a Teaching Fellow (TF) for Environmental Law and Politics at Yale College and F&ES and and a Research Assistant (RA) at the Tropical Resources Institute (TRI). After graduating with a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College with concentrations in Political Economy, Geography, and French, Jeamme started her career as a management consultant and research associate in Malaysia where she specialized in corporate sustainability management and commodity trade flows. She is originally from Penang, Malaysia.

Aymane Eddahmani


Aymane Eddahmani is a Fulbright scholar and a first year MESc student from Morocco, working on the relationship between energy, climate change, and development. Aymane holds a Bachelor of Science in General Engineering with a concentration on renewable energy from Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane (AUI). Before FES, Aymane researched small vertical axis wind turbines at AUI, and worked with renewable energy and sustainable building companies on various projects in Morocco. Aymane's research interest lie in poverty, development, and energy.

Rory Jacbson


Rory Jacobson is a Master of Environmental Management candidate at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. Before attending Yale, he worked as a Senior Policy Adviser at a non-governmental organization dedicated to developing policies to incentivize carbon storage in agricultural systems and rangelands. At Yale, through the Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative, Rory is working with partners at the Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition to develop a financial model to incentivize ranchers to reduce their operations’ impacts on wildlife. Rory holds Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of California, Berkeley.

Jieyi Lu


Jieyi is a Master of Environmental Science candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies (F&ES). She is interested in exploring the unknowns in the energy-climate-development nexus. Prior to joining Yale, Jieyi was a research assistant at Resources for the Future, working on projects including China’s Emissions Trading System and invasive species management in the U.S.

Beatriz Machado Granziera


Beatriz is an environmental lawyer with 6 years of experience working with governments and businesses on sustainability issues. she is currently pursuing a Master of Environmental Management at the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, where I focus on corporate responsibility, supply chains, and circular economy. Before coming to Yale, she worked as a cabinet advisor at the State Secretariat for the Environment in Sao Paulo, where she was a project manager for the $130M Biodiversity Fund for Protected Areas and Co-led the Sao Paulo State Waste Program. She was also a member of the Committee on Logistics, Infrastructure and Sustainable Development of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB-SP) and Counselor of the Municipal Council of Environment and Sustainable Development of São Paulo (CADES-SP). Beyond her policy background, she brings experience in legal advising from her work as an associate in the Government Relations Department at Demarest and Almeida Law Firm, and as a researcher in the Brazilian Public Law Society. She holds a Juris Doctor and a Master's Degree in Environmental Law from the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo, and in 2009, she was a visiting student at the University of California at Berkeley (UC-Berkeley).

Emily Persico

Writer, Editor

Emily Persico is a Master of Environmental Management Candidate graduating in May 2020. She is passionate about urban planning, community and economic development, and environmental justice. At a time when science is being systematically misappropriated and devalued, she hopes her work can shine a light on academic research and it implications for social and environmental justice in U.S. Cities. Before starting her masters, Emily worked as a Communications and Education Specialist at the Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Katie Pofahl


Katie is a Master of Environmental Management candidate specializing in land conservation and strategic management. She grew up in America's dairyland and learned the importance of working landscapes and sustainable rural livelihoods. Now, focused on the wild and arid landscapes of the West, she works to create lasting conservation solutions for resilient landscapes and communities. Before coming to F&ES, Katie worked with a land trust to restore habitat and support farm-working families in the strawberry fields and ranches of California. She also worked with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch Program to develop market-based incentives for fishing communities along the coast. At F&ES, Katie works with the Center for Business and the Environment to educate land conservation practitioners about cutting-edge financial strategies and the Ucross High Plains Stewardship Initiative to assess best practices in grassland restoration for ranch lands in the Northern Great Plains.

Bryce Powell

Writer, Editor

Bryce is a Masters of Environmental Management '21 candidate at the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He is interested in human dimensions of the management of America's public lands, particularly issues of conflict, communication, and representation. Originally from Colorado, Bryce traveled 1700 miles east to study Western land conservation, and his experiences as a trail crew leader and a wildland firefighter underlie Bryce's academic pursuits. Bryce holds a B.A. in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado Boulder. For every hour writing for Yale Environment Review, Bryce likely spent three hours of preparation (or procrastination) on Google Maps.