YER First Editor’s Choice Competition

February 19, 2017

The staff at Yale Environment Review would like to announce the winner and finalists for the first-ever
Editor’s Choice Competition.

Eleven articles, all written by past or present YER authors who are still at FES, were judged by the YER team of writers. From that eleven, three finalists were selected. The final decision was made by the editorial board at the end of the fall semester.

The winner of the first-ever YER Editor’s Choice Competition is Christina Stone, with her article Energy innovation and emissions reduction strategies overlook the poor

Here is a preview of her article:

“Curbing greenhouse gas emissions is a very hot topic these days. Between mitigating climate change and eliminating air pollution, environmental policy has the energy sector in its crosshairs. The good news is that innovation in clean energy and renewable sources holds great investment potential. However, innovation is moving at a glacial pace due to a lack of attention from policymakers. Currently, efforts put into energy innovation are generally focused on emissions reduction. While this may seem encouraging to some people, to the world’s poor, this is bad news.”

Read the full article here: Energy innovation and emissions reduction strategies overlook the poor by Christina Stone

The remaining two finalists were Shi Yi and Lun Ou
Check out their articles here:
The deficit uncovered: Huge arable land use imbalance in global commodity trade by Shi Yi

Does climate change really have negative impacts on agricultural production? by Lun Ou